The House Whisperer

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The House Whisperer

We seek harmony between form and function to produce the ideal window furnishings for the space and occupant alike. With twenty years experience as an independent producer of window furnishings we have a proven track record of successfully delivering window furnishings to private and commercial clients on time and to budget.

The House Whisperer

Blinds are an extremely versatile type of window furnishing able to complement the decoration of any kind of room in your home and for addressing many particular needs.

You can protect your family in those sunny rooms with sunscreen fabrics which block up to 95% UV rays or reach your desired level of privacy and darkness - from total privacy in bathrooms to total darkness in bedrooms - they can also provide great ambience in living areas by softening external day light. With thousands of fabrics and materials to choose from, no wonder blinds are such a popular choice when it comes to home furnishings. We can take the frustration out of choosing what best suits your space. That is what we do. - Yasmin Manttan, Designer

A heartfelt thank you for investing the time to learn about our beautiful Australian made products and our mission to ensure your success in transforming your home into the masterpiece that it truly is about to become. Just drop us an email or send a txt when you are ready to hear from us and see how dramatic a few smart changes can make your home look and feel. We love every aspect of this process and making your decisions and choices look brilliant is a natural outcome when you really get it right first time. So please click on that red get in touch button and lets get started and see what we can do together!

The House Whisperer

Solid, stable and practical, shutters are used to cover doors and windows. Good at controlling the amount of sunlight that enters in a room, they provide privacy, security and protect against weather or unwanted intrusion or damage to your furniture.

Its amazing how the amount of light that enters your home can affect the mood, atmosphere and therefore the feelings of you and your guests. You have the ability to control these feelings by installing our quality shutters; it is that easy. - Yasmin Manttan, Designer

Please contact us now for a free consultation with one of our highly qualified and friendly staff.

The House Whisperer

The Art of Windows will open you up to a whole new world. Yes we do window furnishings, but we can also help create that finished look that you have always dreamt about. We will make finishing off your home an absolute pleasure.

Our Team At The Art Of Windows

Each of our team members represents the best talent within their discipline, bringing a unique point of view to the table. We are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive workforce.

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curtains, sheer curtains, roller blinds, window blinds, awnings, window shutters, Sydney


curtains, sheer curtains, blinds, window blinds, awnings, window shutters, Sydney

Matthew Perkins

Restaurant owner

I chose The Art Of Windows because of their design capabilities and insightful advice during pre-planning. Their knowledge, experience and attention to detail has proven invaluable to me in creating a superior finished project, attracting more visitors to my restaurant.

curtains, sheer curtains, blinds, window blinds, awnings, window shutters, Sydney

Elizabeth Johnson

House owner

The Art Of Windows was highly recommended to me. The sensitivity, knowledge, vision and ultimate execution this firm brought to the table was tremendous. The renovation of my home could not be the success it is without their involvement and the professionalism of their team.

curtains, sheer curtains, roller blinds, window blinds, awnings, window shutters, Sydney

Walter Knight

Photo studio owner

The Art Of Windows professional guidance gave me results that far exceeded my expectations. My clients thoroughly enjoy the relaxing ambiance that the interior design creates.Their amazement began at the opening and haven’t ceased yet. Thanks for your super job.

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