Our commercial clients face particular issues in their premises as regards natural and interior and external light, exposure, ever changing weather conditions, occasionally asset protection and even room privacy.

The Art of Windows has the indoor and the outdoor answers for any space of your business and coming from an architectural background can not only manage any size project, but also provide absolutely precise advice and expertise.

Yes, we do windows and door furnishings, entrance and sidewalk and on the other hand, we can also create a low maintenance and finished look solutions that your work space deserves and save you time. - Yasmin Manttan, Designer

Please contact Yasmin directly for personal service and assistance with commercial work.

As we have many referrals from existing clients, we like to offer a special service for all our commercial enquiries and we are more than happy to provide testimonies from jobs scoping all sizes imaginable.

The Art of Windows provide window solutions for everything from Clubs, Major Banks, Places of Worship, Sports Facilities, Shops and so much more. We look forward to helping you and are honoured to serve your requirements.